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Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0

Create maintenance schedule and track expenses about your vehicles
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Vehicle Fleet Manager 2.2.176 is a fleet management utility for Windows. It allows you to completely manage every aspect of your fleet. The application can keep a record of your vehicles and your drivers, and much data about them. You can add any type of vehicle to the database. All you need to do is add a vehicle class for each vehicle and add a model number. That will let you all set up to start managing everything. For every vehicle that you add, you can record its fuel consumption, its repairs, its oil changes (if needed), the readings on the odometer, and set a service schedule. The latter will allows you to gain access to a remainder service that will let you know a couple of days in advance when it is that you need to service your vehicle. If you have a lot of drivers, you can also add a lot of information about them. You can add their phone numbers, addresses, DOB, etc. You can also keep a track of the accidents he or she has been involved in. For both vehicles and drivers, there is a comprehensive search function that allows you to quickly find the one you are looking for. Vehicle Fleet Manager is a rather complete solution to keep track of both the vehicles and the personnel that manages your fleet.

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